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Child Care Scholarships

Help for qualifying families to pay for child care expenses.

Training Opportunities for Parent and Providers

Raising Riley KDHE approved professional development for providers

Parent Education Programs

Family Engagement

Play 'n Learn Events

Community Events for Families

Quarterly Raising Riley Scholarship Family Events

Early Literacy

Story Time

Monthly Library Events


Reading Incentives


The mission of Raising Riley is to strengthen at-risk families and help prepare their children for lifelong learning through the combined efforts of staff, parents and community collaboration.

Raising Riley subscribes to a belief that healthy families and children are the most basic elements in any viable, productive society or community. Our program’s efforts are guided by the belief that “We’re here to do what’s best for families and children.” We keep this belief foremost in our minds to guide our decisions.

Through shared vision, community collaboration and public-private partnerships, Raising Riley’s goal is to strengthen our ability to respond to the unique needs of each of our communities, enabling us to build a strong foundation for children and families in Riley County which will assist us in providing high quality, well-rounded, individualized, and developmentally appropriate services for children and families.

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