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Raising Riley delivers adventure, exploration, entertainment, education, interaction, activity, and most of all fun!! 

Storytime helps foster a lifelong love of books and reading for children. It’s not only fun for children, but also informative and engaging for providers as they participate along with the children.  Each story time will present a different book and focus on extension activities from a variety of curriculum areas.

Literacy development is more than reading books—it’s a part of  everything you do with children. Raising Riley storytellers will help you recognize opportunities for language enrichment, letter recognition, rhyming and more during your everyday activities.

Every story time helps the children’s development through participation in healthy, enriching activities with their peers and caregivers.

And to make all of this even better….Raising Riley Story Tellers bring Story Time to you, in your child care /early education environment.

Interested in setting up a Story Time visit? Fill out this form or call Ms. Denae at 785-776-4779 ext. 7648

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Book of the Month

There's more to story time than just reading the words on the page. Help your kids learn new vocabulary and develop empathy and self-control with these expert tips.

Age-by-age Guide
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