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August Story Time Book of the Month

Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake by: Jeff Mack

Mr. Monkey wants to bake a cake. He adds his ingredients, while making a mess along the way. He was ready to eat his cake, but he ate TOO many bananas. Just then, he found out there is a cake show and he can when a ribbon. It wasn't easy to get there along the way, with many obstacles. Read this funny story to find out if he makes it to the cake show to get the ribbon! Children love guessing what will happen along the way.



Story Tips

  • Encourage Your Child

    • When your child tells you the ending words on a page or helps you "read" the story, celebrate together!

  • Make Reading Together a Habit

    • When you read to your child every day, it cecomes a routine that your child will remember as comforing!

  • Point Out the Details

    • Notice details and the small changes in the illustrations of a book. It will help your child become a good observer and see differences in the shapes of letters when learning to read.

  • Predict the Story

    • Ask your child to guess what will be on the next page of the book you are reading together!

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