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If you find a rock


What do you do when you find a rock? Do you skip it across water? Do you draw with it? Do you paint it?

There are many options you can use rocks for! Peggy Christian’s book “If you find a rock” looks at around 12 different types of rocks and what you may do with those rocks.

The end of the book talks about if you find a rock that doesn’t match any of the rock categories, it may in up being a “memory rock” which is sometimes the best rock of all.


Story Tips

  • Encourage Your Child

    • When your child tells you the ending words on a page or helps you "read" the story, celebrate together!

  • Make Reading Together a Habit

    • When you read to your child every day, it cecomes a routine that your child will remember as comforing!

  • Point Out the Details

    • Notice details and the small changes in the illustrations of a book. It will help your child become a good observer and see differences in the shapes of letters when learning to read.

  • Predict the Story

    • Ask your child to guess what will be on the next page of the book you are reading together!

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